Roth Lochston

Safety & Quality

Safety - Zero Harm

Proactive, Not Reactive

RothLochston Subsea has successfully put in place sweeping organizational changes, implementing new comprehensive safe work procedures and a new safety management system.  We establish safety through leadership and implement training for all employees. At RothLochston Subsea, safety is a core value and proactive protocols have been initialized to prevent safety related issues from arising: report, record, analyze and learn.


Continuous momentum behind our safety efforts has improved RothLochston Subsea's safety culture – reporting safety issues is promoted, employee push back is supported. Safety is considered not only a responsibility but an employee right. Everyone is expected to exercise their right to push back and to insist that all work situations be safe. Safety is a company expectation. The pursuit to ensure Zero Harm is relentless.

Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

In our efforts to achieve the Zero Harm goal, high expectations have been set for employees. The importance of management involvement is recognized. Safety starts at the top and provides a positive influence on all aspects of work. All employees need to be willing and eager participants in the Safety Program. Safety isn't the responsibility of the Safety Department or a specific team member; it is the responsibility of every RothLochston Subsea employee.

Implemented Safety Programs & Initiatives:

  • Development and Promotion of Safety Culture
  • Leadership by Participation Through Audits and Inspections
  • Implementation of Objectives and Recommendations
  • Task Hazard Analysis
  • Peer to Peer Training
  • Safety Interactions
  • Safety Protocols to Ensure Every Project Meets Our Goal of Zero Harm.
  • Statistical Analysis of Leading Key Performance Indicators

We are relentless in our pursuit of safe work environments.